divorceWhat you are about to read is a true-life story of a woman. Please, do not judge her
nor her husband. If you have any advise that can help her situation, please, send it
to my mailbox or put it in the comment box below. It is my sincere prayer that
anyone in the same situation will receive speedy answers in Jesus Name.
Mike and Beauty had been married for7 years without a child. Beauty was raised in a
strict atmosphere under a Policeman-turned Anglican Elder. She grew with christian
moral values. Mike too was a christian but a liberal one. They shared deep love for
each other so much so that it seemed nothing could penetrate into their flank.
Unfortunately, all this did not last them beyond the 5th year of their marriage.
An elegant lady with a long face that houses two white eyes, a very good set of
teeth, and a very tiny gentle voice. A bit slim and dark. I could not but ask myself
if after all she was going through, she still was that gorgeous, how then did she
look before all her ordeals, as we both discussed this? She worked in a
health-focused private organization.
As Beauty shared her ordeal with me, all I could see was a tender heart yearning for
love and care. She desired the bliss that once ruled her world. Mike, an IT expert
did not permit any external influence in their marriage. In-laws were welcomed to
their house but not to stay for long. Such was their level of privacy. By the 5th
year of her childlessness, Beauty already had enough to deal with, courtesy her
in-laws. Yet, the husband stood by her.
According to her :
” Mike returned from work that evening and refused to talk to me. I was curious but
he simply said all was well. I invited him to the table for dinner. He came but was
silent. No usual chats and plays. I could not eat. Before we went to bed, he talked
to me. A close associate had invited him to a particular church where he worshiped.
After consultations with the head of that church, I was asked to be present at their
next meeting. Getting there, all I saw was palm fronds and all sorts of things that
suggested diabolics. The man we went to meet asked me and my husband to be left
alone for us to make love in his “office”, his sperm collected and used to make some
things for me us to eat right there, after which we would go and make love in the
nearby stream, and to my surprise, my husband did not object. I was so surprised at
his gullibility…
” To cut it short, I refused to allow him but tried to make him see the dangers in
what we were asked to do. I was not being overly righteous. I just did not want
anyone to add to our problem. That we went to that place was sin enough…
” Now, he accuses me of witchcraft. He now allows his younger ones to address me as
they like. Their last child almost knocked my nose with his finger, and my husband
was there, looking at me. The worst is that he now threatens to divorce me if by the
end of the month (October), I do not follow him to that place for him to mount me.
He says he does not want to be a polygamist because he was raised in one. So he
would rather divorce me and marry another woman. I have asked him to make love to me
in our home, in our bed, or a hotel or somewhere else. Just not that place. My
spirit senses danger.”
I asked her if she had involved the clergymen. Her response was shocking :
” Mike proposed to me in a youth programme, organized by his church. He was so much
into God. But, when all these started, he did not want to see anyone again. That
friend of his and his pastor are now his confidantes…
Please advise me. How can I go against God, to attempt what is not likely to yield
or desired result?”
I told her I would publish this and she is more than willing to hear your comments.
Dear reader,
The way we take matters differ one from another. Some people naturally need be
pushed to take steps in life while some others already know the end of the details
before it is mentioned. If you expect your spouse to do something, and they are not
forthcoming, please, do not threaten them with the consequence of breaking up. It is
an emotional blackmail, and also a seed they may nurture, needless to mention that
it is also a wound that breeds insecurity as they tend to doubt a safe future with
Propel them to take actions instead. But, please do not coerce them. Thank you so much.

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