''Super Eagles Will Win 2014 World Cup Only If...'' - Guru Maharaj Ji Predicts!


Guru Maharaj Ji was determined speaking about it He Said:
"I have said it and nothing will change it. If the Super Eagles handler, Stephen Keshi, shows more love to Maharaj Ji, the true name of the Almighty. He will lead the team to victory that will shock the world.
"I want him and top shots of the Nigeria Football Federation (NFF) to visit Maharaj Ji Village and let us have a discussion. Let them come and put Maharaj Ji’s power to test. I cannot be here and Nigeria won’t be able to conquer the world.
"I told them before that Eagles will win the Nation’s Cup and so it was. The powers of Chukwujekwukwu will touch the players again and they will have strength to run faster as children of the light than any other team at the tournament. Nigerians should come and avail themselves of the opportunity of the power now. 
“Keshi should humble himself more. I foresee the cup coming to Nigeria in 2014. Nigerians should stop doubting because the Living Perfect Master is talking. I think by now government in its own wisdom would have shown appreciation to me for the victory of Eagles at the last Nation’s Cup. They should know that it is only by encouraging me that they receive more."
The Spiritual Leader proceeded:
"The players, particularly the goal keeper, should avoid wearing blue jersey which was one of the things that caused initial problems for the team during the Nation’s Cup before an NFF top shot got across to me to intercede. Blue is the colour of mermaid. That is not ideal for any progressive development. 
"I have said it loud and clear that the cup is within reach and definitely it will come to Nigeria if the sports administrators and the coaches take the advantage. I cautioned Samson Siasia, the former Eagles’ handler, but he retorted saying ‘is Satguru God’? That affected him and he was booted out. 
"However, not only the Super Eagles, tell other national teams to come and receive the power to excel and it shall be well with them at any tournament,”he assured.

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