Do You Believe in Miracles? General Overseer’s Wife Resurrects After Doctors Confirmed Her Dead! [PHOTO]


The wife of the General Overseer and Founder of Victory Life Bible Church (VLBC), Abeokuta, Ogun State, Rev. (Mrs) Folake Achudume, who doctors have confirmed dead has resurrected before she could be buried. The woman while narrating her story and testifying to the goodness of God in the presence of their congregation, said she was already confirmed dead by doctors and narrated how her spirit left her body and what she saw in another realm. Her husband also said, when doctors told him, his wife was dead has a result of the operation because she bled to death, said she didn’t die but went on a visit in faith. Below is part of what she said while giving her testimony.

 “What I experienced was like being a drama piece. I saw myself coming out of my body, and going into a white cloud. I didn’t know where I was going, but I was asked to look down, only to see my husband, children been consoled, as my burial was been planned. I saw people crying.” “Later, I stretched my hand and I was taken to a glorious place, where I saw people in white garment welcoming me, telling me to come in. I joined them, but a big hand stretched out, with a voice saying the place is not for me,”

“I later found myself in another place, more glorious and beautiful, I was not allowed in again, but I was taken to a third place, where I was not allowed again. Then a voice came telling me to look down, and told me I should return to where I was coming from, but I was struggling to join the group. Then I heard a thunderous voice and it was at that point my eyes opened.”

“I stand to tell you that God has power over death. The consultants had confirmed that I bled to death after the operation. If you understand what I went through you will realise that life is vanity. By that experience everything in life to me has lost value. It was not a joke, I appreciate God, because God made me to understand the mystery of life,” she told the congregation.

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