Nicky Minaj pregnant for lil Wayne? See fans reaction

It’s official: we have our first ridiculous rumor of the new year.
According to ThyBlackMan(dot)com, Nicki Minaj may be pregnant. And the father may be… Lil Wayne!
There’s little evidence to back up this claim: no sources on record, no photographs, no quotes of any kind in fact.
The site simply says it may be true, but the rumor mill is churning at warp speed around the Internet with this possibility.
Why might the report be accurate? Well… Lil Wayne does have four kids by four different women. And Minaj Twerked all over her rapping pal at the Billboard Music Awards.
These two also simulated sex in the “High School” music video.
So could they have done the real thing recently? Without a condom or birth control? They certainly could have, people. They certainly could have.
It’s unlikely that these crazy baby bump rumors are true, but if they are, several Twitter fans are “worried” for the child’s well-being:
Here are some comments made by their worried fans…..
@BridgetRoush: “If the rumor is true… Nicki Minaj and lil Wayne’s baby will be one incoherent and messed up baby.”
@kthaqs: “Nicki minaj and lil Wayne are having a child……the two worst people in the music industry are reproducing….with each other. oh god lmao.”
@kesteff: “Rumor has it that Nicki Minaj and Lil Wayne are having a baby. And we thought Snooki having a child was a problem…”
@StarrTito: “Just saw that nicki minaj might be pregnant with Lil Wayne’s baby. I swear this better be rumor or I feel bad for the kid.”
@mrs_favor23: “Nicki Minaj is pregnant with Lil Wayne’s baby? Oh Lord help that little one.”
Weezy’s already the father of four kids, and they seem to be doing pretty well, so things can’t be that bad, right?
Minaj has yet to comment on the rumors, so we’ll see what happens.

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