Popular Actress Ayo Adesanya shares her emotional story, Reveals How She Was Beaten By Goriola


In a recent interview Moments with MO Ayo Adesanya shares her her Domestic Violence experience, probably in the hands of her ex-husband Goriola Hassan.
She says if a man shows any slightest form of violence, ladies don’t go in. 

Which i Agree with her!

Narrating her story, Ayo Adesanya said
"I thought I was in a loving relationship, I mean it was all fun until the beatings started and then got worse...and I just couldn't let go because I was emotionally confused. This is the same man that touches me lovingly, caters for my needs and calls me baby yet beats me up. The loving moments make me think that he will change but when it got so bad, mehn I had to convince myself that he will never change...women must watch out for men who shove them here and there..if he is by the littlest chance violent, don't go in, it only gets worse!"

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