Has it ever crossed your mind that some of the children you think are yours may not actually be? In Nollywood, as you read this, that is what has unfolded. It is also the topic on most lips. And the reason is this: an actress, a big one at that, who has always found it difficult to put her laps in one place as well as say no to handsome men just got exposed. One of her three children was not fathered by her husband. The biological father of the baby, a girl, is a mulatto actor with whom she once had a whirlwind romance.
Their secret shame just came to the open as the girl is getting older. She looks very much like her ‘away father’. And because their romance was so pronounced then, many have begun murmuring about the little girl’s paternity.
The sex-crazy actress is very pretty and from the South South. Her hubby hails from the South West. The lover boy whose child she transferred to her husband doesn’t know who his own father is. Alphabets S, A and R begin the names of the trio respectively. Tracing the love story of the actor and actress, a reliable source told us that movie locations where they usually got paired together did the match making.
In fact, tales abound that the two at some point usually insisted that they must be cast together or no show. And because they had so perfected how to go about this, anytime a producer invited one person to work for him or her, the partner in crime must insist on the other also coming on board. And because they were so hot then, most producers had no choice than to do that. It was at one of the locations that the goal which the whole of Nollywood, and even those outside, are now screaming about was scored.
All eyes are currently on the two of them – especially as people eagerly want to know how their spouses will react upon getting the messy story which is fast spreading all over the place.

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